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Entertainers & Athletes

Professional Athletes, Actors, Content Producers and other related similar professionals face a number specific challenges and need regular, specialized attention specific to their situation. Far too often this group of professionals does not get the necessary attention & resources from an accounting firm and end up with various tax issues from multiple jurisdictions. We make sure to be accessible to the client year-round in order to provide support, as well as provide education and tax reduction strategies so the taxpayer understands their current and future tax liability, as well as putting away money for the future. Services include:

Entertainers & Athletes Taxes
  • Proactive tax planning & consulting
  • Tax-efficient entity selection and structuring recommendations
  • Review of contract terms related to income tax matters
  • Multistate tax planning and residency considerations
  • Quarterly estimated and year-end tax projections
  • §199A & retirement planning strategies
  • Advise on reasonable compensation rules
  • General business and accounting advise