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Privacy Policy

At C.P. Tax & Advisory, APC, we respect your concerns about privacy. This policy was developed so you may visit and use our site without being concerned about how this information is being used. In a nutshell, we do not and will not sell, rent, nor pass your information onto any third parties. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

C.P. Tax & Advisory, APC is bound by professional standards and ethics. We strive to ensure that your information is always protected and your right to privacy is honored and respected. We will not collect any personal information about our website visitors unless it is voluntarily submitted, in which case we will act in a responsible manner to protect your personal information.

Professional Services

We provide professional accounting and tax planning advise specific for doctors, attorneys, consultants, and other self-employed individuals to minimize their tax burden while ensuring compliance with the tax code, including:

Professional Tax and Accounting Services
  • Tax-efficient entity selection and structuring.
  • §199A & retirement planning strategies
  • Advise on reasonable compensation rules
  • Best accounting & documentation recommendations
  • Other general business consulting

Manufacturing & Wholesale

Manufacturing covers a broad range of business that fabricate, extract, produce, or otherwise develop/improve goods. We provide guidance and planning recommendations on issues specific to this industry including:

Manufacturing & Wholesale Taxes
  • Review and potentially change overall accounting method and/or inventory accounting method, preparation of IRS Form 3115.
  • Cost segregation & accelerated depreciation strategies.
  • Entity selection based on the long-term goals of the business and its owners.

Entertainers & Athletes

Professional Athletes, Actors, Content Producers and other related similar professionals face a number specific challenges and need regular, specialized attention specific to their situation. Far too often this group of professionals does not get the necessary attention & resources from an accounting firm and end up with various tax issues from multiple jurisdictions. We make sure to be accessible to the client year-round in order to provide support, as well as provide education and tax reduction strategies so the taxpayer understands their current and future tax liability, as well as putting away money for the future. Services include:

Entertainers & Athletes Taxes
  • Proactive tax planning & consulting
  • Tax-efficient entity selection and structuring recommendations
  • Review of contract terms related to income tax matters
  • Multistate tax planning and residency considerations
  • Quarterly estimated and year-end tax projections
  • §199A & retirement planning strategies
  • Advise on reasonable compensation rules
  • General business and accounting advise

Construction & Real Estate

Real estate investors, property owners and developers are often unaware of the massive opportunities and complex tax rules specific to their industry. We can provide assistance to you in the following manners:

Construction and Real Estate Taxes & Accounting
  • Gain/(loss) calculation on disposition of real property
  • §1031 like-kind exchange planning & rules
  • Cost segregation & accelerated depreciation strategies
  • Financial modeling & cash flow planning for multifamily properties
  • Passive activity loss limitation rules and strategy
  • Equipment leasing & acquisition analysis
  • Proactive tax planning

Cannabis Taxes

The application of Internal Revenue Code Section 280E to cannabis is one of our firm’s main specializations with approximately 9 years of combined experience working with state-licensed cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and vertically integrated operations.  We work with industry leading tax attorneys, regularly review currently legislative updates and tax court decisions, and are uniquely qualified to prepare tax returns and other services to this industry including

Cannabis Processing, Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Tax-efficient entity selection and structuring
  • §280E analysis, compliance, & strategy in compliance federal and state regulations
  • Inventory & cost of goods sold calculations in compliance with IRC §471 for resellers & producers
  • Financial modeling & cash flow planning for cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and vertically integrated operations
  • Advisory services relating to cash handling practices, local & state taxation issues, and other industry specific matters
  • Audit support for federal & state examinations

Agriculture Taxes

We have extensive experience in agriculture taxes and accounting. Let us help your business leverage industry best practices!

Agriculture Harvesting, Processing and Distribution
  • Tax-efficient entity selection and structuring.
  • Preparation of Schedule F and Farm Activities Schedule
  • NOL Carryback for farm losses
  • Depreciation rules specifically for farm equipment & structures.
  • Tax advice relating to self-rentals of agricultural land.